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The Terminator and the Washing Machine: Unpacking the artificial intelligence panic

Columbine: Busting myths about the massacre

Vaccines: An Unhealthy Sckepticism

Power Line Fears: debunking a cancer scare

Wolves at the Door: Examining if the fight to save wolves put other animals at risk

American Standoff: Ruby Ridge and America’s longest-running police siege.

On Shaky Ground: The San Francisco earthquake’s unheeded wakeup call

John Liu’s Long Day: Following an underdog on the NYC Mayoral Campaign Trail

Super Secret: Revealing the real original Superman

Wild Horse Wars: Exposing a $40 million animal management boondoggle

Joint Forces: Following local enforcement as they wage a war on weed

Pattern of Waste: Revealing the Army’s $5 billion camouflage fiasco

Fire Flies: Taking the plunge with an elite group of ‘smokejumpers’

A Mother’s Pain: Searching for America’s only current P.O.W.

Our Heroine: Becoming one of the first women to earn the Distinguished Flying Cross

Carpe Diem: How fisherman are reeling in big profits from the Asian carp invasion

Aporkalypse Now: Texas declares war on feral pigs

Yuma, Arizona: Life inside the unemployment capital of America

Picking a Fight: On the front lines of America’s immigration war

Burning Desire: Following the elite hotshot team as they fight the Arizona wildfire